Momentous XPressions- since 2013


     Momentous XPressions was started 7 years ago to help pay off student loans, and for my family to grow a craft business of our own.  Stephen sells original photography, wall art, & original poetry.  His mother, Cindy, sells hand-painted/decorated, lighted alcoholic beverage bottles, seasonal and holiday ornaments (Also hand-painted), & various other seasonal and unique items. 


     We are originally from Greenwood, Indiana, but our work has grown significantly since we moved to southern Indiana in Autumn of 2019.  This Fall's participation in area arts & crafts shows includes:

July, 2020 @ the Madison, Indiana Farmer's Market- went very well and allowed us to continue adding new products, as well as to gain some new customers.

August, 2020 @ the Farmer's Market- gained more customers and designed more products.

October 16th & 17th, 2020, @ Stream Cliff Farm, Restaurant & Winery, Commiskey, IN, 9:30-4:30- we are excited for our first participation in a JURIED Art Show!

November 14th, 2020 @ TBD, Charlestown, IN- we've just begun planning for this show, also JURIED!

December 12th, 2020 @ Java Station 56, Scottsburg, IN, hosted by Java Station 56 AND Love Out Loud!

Available for Sale!

1 of a kind: $40.00

available: $20.00

1 in stock: $35.00

1 in stock: $35.00

1 in stock: $35.00

at left: #2 of 2, priced at $40.00*

*includes cost to manufacture

$40.00 (includes s+h)




Other Information

- cost of shown items, except for the cliff scene,

includes shipping/handling costs.

-payment: in-person at craft shows or via credit card

Some of our items are now available for sale at Art on Main

in beautiful historic downtown Madison, Indiana (12/2020)

Contact: 1-317-997-3510 (phone),