LS 120 is an acronym for Life Squad or Life Support 120, the number in millions, by most reliable estimates, of babies aborted since this evil, terrorist practice was made legal in the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade in 1973.  We aim to contribute to a future without abortion through:

1. Praying and networking with other

abolitionist groups.  We had a Facebook page

but now this is our group page.

2. Planning and carrying out more visible,

nonviolent ways of doing our part to one

day make abortion illegal once again.

3. Obeying all reasonable American laws unless doing so violates our right to defend and uphold the value of life, from conception

to natural death.  We already had an event being planned for the last Sunday in June of 2020, but as of mid-October, I am looking to better network with other abolitionists.  I was planning to attend a major abolitionist conference in Missouri, in early November of 2020, and hope to increase our efforts and really grow this group into 2021 and beyond.  I already have connections in my local area.

To us, Abortion is slavery, and that is why we will not stop trying to get rid of Abortion until it is no longer legal in the United States of America.  As of 10/15/2020, we are no longer users of Facebook.  Any information will be here, and here alone.  Since 1973's Roe v Wade, 1 in every 4 Americans were aborted, ripped apart for the sake of convenience or denial of the value of and future of humanity, in the United States alone.  LS 120 aims to be a major part of that change, even though only 1 person is part of it at this time.