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Pianist for over 20 years

Singer, Composer, & 

Music Minister

Hi, my name is Stephen Sullivan.  I have been an award-winning musician, composer/writer, & teacher (mostly of piano lessons so far), since 2003.  I have been delighting audiences both young and old for much of the time since then.  From teaching piano lessons during high school to help pay for a new piano, to appearing in the Daily Journal of Johnson County (IN) for planning to organize a benefit concert to better recognize & appreciate the skills and experiences of artists on the autism spectrum, I remain a driven and highly-focused individual in 2021.  I hold degrees and certificates from the University of Indianapolis (2013, BS) & Indiana Wesleyan University (2017, Transition to Teaching cert).  After residing for nearly 30 years on the southside of Indianapolis, I have since moved to Kentuckiana, in the vicinity of the town of Madison, Indiana.  I am currently a full-time public school Music and Band teacher and part-time church music coordinator. 

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